Industrial Manufacturing
CRCC is a powerful manufacturer of specialized railway products in China.

China Railway Large Size Road Maintenance Machinery Group Limited of CRCC (Kunming) engages in the design, development, manufacturing and maintenance of large size road maintenance machinery. It occupies 80% of the market in the country and ranks as the biggest in Asia and second biggest in the world as a large size road maintenance machinery manufacturer. The series of large size road maintenance machinery produced by the company, such as the ballast cleaning machine, tamping machine, distributing machine and stabilizing machine, etc., conform to the need of domestic railway market and they have changed the history of railway maintenance mainly by hand in China and provided the necessary conditions for the six times train speed lift.

The China Railway Rail System Group Co. Ltd. of CRCC is specialized in the production of rail series such as the high speed railway switch, springs and rail fasteners, etc. It is one of the only two state appointed companies to produce high speed railway switch. The box girder and other concrete members for high speed railway can meet the need of railway construction.