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Mekka-Medina High-speed Rail Complete
Date: 2018-09-19

The Mekka-Medina High-speed Rail runs through Jeddah, Rābigh, King Abdullah Economic City, with a total length of 450.25 kilometers and a design top speed of 360 kilometers per hour. It is the world's first dual-line electrified high-speed railway crossing the desert zone in the form of a joint venture between Chinese and Saudi enterprises.

There are five stations on the whole line. Among them, the Mekka Station Bridge, which was built independently by Chinese enterprises, is a key control project. The bridge is 1556 meters in length and spans five highways. The maximum width of the bridge is 72.6 meters. Equivalent to 20 medium-sized cars running side-by-side, this is the world’s largest high-speed railway bridge width. Chinese high-speed rail builders, withstanding more than 50 degrees of hot heat and hot wind sand, adopt new materials, new technologies, such as special concrete, which can be compacted automatically, and new technologies such as layering and pouring extra large volume concrete, completed the task of bridge construction on schedule and high quality.

It is understood that after the opening and operation of the Mekka-Medina High-speed Rail, the travel time between Mecca and Medina will be shortened from the current four hours to two hours, and the annual passenger volume will exceed 15 million, greatly easing the local traffic pressure.

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