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A Celebration for Mid-Autumn and National Day in Saudi Arabia
Date: 2018-09-21

The Mid-Autumn Festival is about to arrive. Despite the fine autumn weather in China, in Saudi Arabia, thousands of miles away, is in the heat of the sun. The Jubail TS-8 Expressway construction site shows roaring mechanically and splashing welding flowers. The builders from China Railway Eighteenth Bureau Group Saudi Engineering Company still persevered in the construction site.

“The Jubail TS-8 Expressway Project is a key control project of the Royal Saudi Commission in the industrial zone, with 16.8 km long and six lanes in both directions, is another achievement of ‘The Belt and Roads’ initiative in Saudi Arabia. Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, though I miss my family, but my duty is in my body, I must stick to it.” Chen Debin, general manager of Saudi engineering company, told reporters that this would be his 18th Mid-Autumn Festival in Saudi Arabia.

Shi Shenbo, the youngest employee of Saudi engineering company, was born in 1989 and will spend his fourth Mid-Autumn Festival in Saudi Arabia, he barely had little time to contact his family. He said: "there is too much material to translate. Everyone is fighting and I can't leave behind.. "

Li Zhiping is a canteen chef, known as the "Master Chef" by his colleagues. At ordinary times, he constantly convey the flavor of his hometown. These days, Li has been planning the Mid-Autumn Night menu: steamed fish, crystal shrimp. Hamid, one of the foreign employees invited to the Mid-Autumn Festival dinner, said: "I sigh that China has a long and rich cultural heritage and it is a great honor to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with you!"

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