Six Companies Shared 83.7 bln yuan Contracts for Beijing-Shanghai Hi-speed Railway, CRCC as Biggest Winner

DATE:2008-02-24 AUTHOR: SOURCE:Xinhua News

February 16, 2008
Beijing(Xinhua News Agency,Reporter: Qi Zhong-xi)-- Yesterday, the Ministry of Railways announced the bidding results for the civil construction work of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. Six companies were awarded the tenders with a total bid price of 83.7 billion yuan, among which China Railway Construction Corporation secured the biggest share of 33.74 billion yuan, or 40.3 percent of the total construction, followed by China Railway Engineering Group as the second winner.
According to the Ministry of Railways, the civil engineering work of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is divided into six sub-contracts, labeled with the letters TJ, an abbreviated Chinese spelling for civil construction.  China Railway Construction Corporation took TJ-1 and TJ-4 through its two subsidiaries of No. 12 and No. 17 Bureau Groups while China Railway Engineering Group took Tj-2 and Tj-5 through its No.1 and No. 3 Bureau Groups. The other two smaller winners are Sinohydro Corporation and China Communications Construction Company, taking TJ-3 and TJ-6 respectively.
 The six out of the fifteen companies who had submitted their tenders could win their sub-contracts mainly because their prices are more competitive than others, a member of the Preparation Group for Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway told the reporters. The construction work is expected to break ground as soon as before the Chinese Spring Festival.