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China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (CRCC) has more than 70 regional business outlets, 1.33 million square meters of logistics sites and 32,550 cubic meters of refined oil storage capacity in major cities and logistics node cities throughout the country. Through the improvement of efficient logistics information, regionalization, market-oriented service system, to provide integrated circulation services. In recent years, CRCC has made great efforts to promote the transformation and upgrade of logistics business, extensively opened up the upstream and downstream markets of large supply chain of engineering materials, and opened up new fields such as material trade, processing and manufacturing, international business, collection agent, electronic commerce and so on. The company has developed into one of the two rail service agents, the second largest supplier of railway materials in China, and the largest engineering logistics system service provider in China. China Railway material Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company, ranked 6th in the "Top 50 Logistics Enterprises in China" in 2015.

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