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Water Treatment Plant of Cabinda Water Supply Project in Angola Complete
Date: 2018-10-11

New water treatment plant in Sassazawu

On October 8, local time, with the successful capping of sludge dewatering room and equalization tank in sludge system, the construction of new water treatment plant in Sassazawu, a water supply project of Cabinda, built by China Railway Construction 20th Bureau Group Angola Project Department, was completed. 

The Cabinda Water Supply Project is mainly composed of intake water pumping stations, new water treatment plants, 7000 square reservoirs, 40 kilometers of main pipes and other projects. The water treatment plant is the core part of the whole water supply system and consists of 11 single structures and sludge treatment systems. Its function is to precipitate, filter and sterilize raw water through multiple processes to make it meet the standard of drinking water. The new water treatment plant in Sassazawu is the unit project with the most structures and the largest amount of construction, covering an area of 54 mus, with 50000 square meters of water to be supplied the following day.

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