CRCC Signed Agreement with Dedao Group

The two partners voiced their determination to develop the Happiness Project to build the human-oriented and green indemnificatory housing with considerable livability

DATE:2011-11-05 AUTHOR: SOURCE:本站原创

Vice President Zhang Zongyan (left) and Dedao Chairman Li Zhuozhi signed the agreement (photo by Liu Jianguo)

On the morning of October 19, CRCC and Degao Group celebrated the signing ceremony of the framework agreement between them in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. The agreement expressed the two parties’ strong intention and commitment to collaborating in the development of indemnificatory housing including the economically affordable housing, low-rent housing and resettlement housing projects.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by CRCC President Zhao Guangfa while it was signed by CRCC Vice President Zhang Zongyan and Dedao Chairman Li Zhuozhi.

The agreement regulates that both parties make the most of their advantages to establish an industrial platform integrating the architecture, innovations, housing construction, and community management and operation, which is designed to upgrade the residents’ Happiness Index. Both parties are determined to develop the Happiness Project to build the human-oriented and green indemnificatory housing with considerable livability.

President Zhao Guangfa said in his speech, “CRCC has long been responding actively to the Central Government’s appeal to develop the indemnificatory housing projects. We have developed the Xuzhou HR Home Community, Beijing Qingxiu Town and other such projects that are both financially and socially rewarding. I believe CRCC and Dedao Group are facing the same task of developing the more livable and satisfying housing projects to ensure the indemnificatory housing becomes the Happiness Project for the low-income families. In this regard, the two parties share many complementary points and have great potential for collaboration.” He also hoped that both parties would grasp the opportunity to expand and deepen the scope of their collaboration, implement the terms and conditions in the agreement, build up the coordination mechanism, and make the most of their advantages to achieve the win-win situation so that they could develop more boutique and satisfying Happiness Projects.

Li Zhuozhi said, “As the world’s largest engineering contractor and one of the World Top 500, CRCC is an important constructor of the economically affordable housing projects in China. And Beijing Dedao Group, a conglomerate focusing on knowledge and innovations, has pooled a large number of top industrial specialists. Besides, Dedao Group is introducing, digesting and absorbing the leading technologies of the world’s best architects in green ecology, energy efficiency, environment and community planning. By actively developing and constructing the Happiness Projects, Dedao Group is giving the most astounding performances. Dedao Group has selected CRCC as our strategic partner because we value its strong power, rich experience and the shared ideal.”

The architects Yutaka Hikosaka, Haim Dotan and François Valentiny of Dedao Group, who are also the Chief Architects of Shanghai World Expo Japanese, Israeli and Luxembourg, also gave their speeches at the signing ceremony.

Also present at the signing ceremony were CRCC Real Estate Development Department GM Lou Xiang, Bureau 25 GM An Kang and CRCC Construction GM Zhao Wei.