Ningxia’s First High-speed Railway Reached Sprinting Stage in Girder Erection

DATE:2017-07-19 AUTHOR:Liu Jing Zhang Mei, Zhu Guocai SOURCE:Workercn

It was reported by Workercn that the first high-speed railway of Ningxia-- Wuzhong-Zhongwei Inter-city Railway was constructed by China Railway 16th Group. After over a year of scientific construction, by July 14, the whole line entered a sprinting stage of girder erection, which created a good condition for its completion and opening to traffic in 2018.

After the project is completed, Ningxia will realize a breakthrough of zero high-speed railways. The over 6 million people of Ningxia will realize their “High-speed Railway Dream”. Wuzhong and Zhongwei will be included into the national network of high-speed railways. It will add a pair of wings for their soaring. The said Inter-city Railway is located in two cities of Ningxia along the Yellow River Economic Zone, Wuzhong and Zhongwei. The project starts from Wuzhong City in the north, goes southward along Beijing-Tibet Expressway and passes Mahu and Gunquan, runs through the hilly area of Niushou Mountain and sets a station at Zhongning East and goes westward along the southern bank of Yellow River and passes Xuanhe to reach Zhongwei City, with a length of newly built line of 134.75 km and a length of related interconnection lines built in Taizhongyin and Zhongwei of 37.1 km. With 3 newly built stations, 2 reserved stations, the project’s total investment is RMB 13.615 billion Yuan, which was started on June 10, 2016 and will be completed on August 31, 2018, with a total construction period of 27 months. The said inter-city railway is a newly built special double line for passenger transportation, with a speed target of 250 km/h. It’s predicted to carry 47 pairs/day in the short run and 70 pairs/day in the future. Its long-term annual transportation capacity is 20 million person-times in one direction.