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CRCC Heavy Industry Group Enhance Oversea Management Strength
Date: 2019-02-18

Since 2018, CRCC Heavy Industry Group has fully implemented China Railway Construction's "overseas priority" strategy. For the first time, five domestically-made shield machines exported to developed European countries have all been delivered and successfully excavated, thus achieving success in Turkey, Sri Lanka and other new countries shield machine export zero breakthrough, large road maintenance machinery, turnout products exported to Africa to participate in the construction of modern railways.

In terms of improving its overseas business capability, CRCC heavy Industry Group has further increased the allocation of resources such as policies, funds, talents, equipment, and so on, rationally improved the treatment of overseas operators and staff, and further promoted the localization of overseas operations. Scientifically arrange overseas factories and R & D centers.

While ramming up the sales of shield machines, the CRCC heavy industry Group has comprehensively increased overseas sales of road maintenance machinery, switches, fasteners, special equipment, and so on, by closely following the overseas development layout of CRCC. We will focus on the projects in countries along the route of "Belt and Road" and Chinese-funded enterprises, vigorously expand developing countries and emerging markets, and strive to achieve a breakthrough in the performance of three to five countries in overseas business every year.

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