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Inspection of the Mirado Copper Mine Project by the Deputy Minister of Mines of Ecuador
Date: 2019-02-25

On the afternoon of February 19, local time, Ecuador's deputy minister of mining, the director of the environmental quality department, led the Ecuadorian local media delegation to inspect the site of the construction of the infrastructure stripping project at Mirado Copper Mine, including the general situation of construction, construction technology, equipment configuration, dump construction, safety, environmental protection, quality and progress are discussed.

The deputy minister of mining was very satisfied with all aspects of the construction site and thanked the Chinese staff for their hard work. "the Mirado copper mine has created a lot of jobs for Ecuador, promoted the exchange of mining technology, boosted economic growth and made a positive contribution to Ecuador's development," he said. "We are willing to strengthen exchanges and communication with the Mirado Copper Mine to ensure the smooth progress of the Mirado Copper Mine Project. You should abide by the regulations in accordance with the law in the construction of the project, and we should cooperate in environmental assessment, pay attention to safety and environmental protection," he stressed. 

The Mirado copper project, Ecuador's largest open-pit copper mine, is the first overseas mineral investment project of CRCC. Since the construction, the project pays attention to green environmental protection, scientific organization, the overall promotion of various projects. It not only stimulates the local economy, solves the employment problem of the majority of the population, but also contributes to the improvement of the local infrastructure.

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