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CRCC 18th Bureau Group Ensure Construction of Overseas Projects on Schedule
Date: 2020-03-05

In the past few days, CRCC 18th Bureau Group had overcome the difficulties of temporarily suspending staff, Distinguished different priorities between domestic and foreign countries, promoted the epidemic prevention, resumption of work and production simultaneously.

The Longwell-Ibi Road Rehabilitation Project and the Sagamu-Enyak Highway Project, with a contract value of about 158 million RMB, were the largest single project contracted in the Plateau State. Facing the current outbreak of Lassa fever epidemic in Nigeria, CRCC 18th Bureau Group Nigerian Companies is preventing and taking control of the epidemic at the same time. The company grabbed the golden period of the construction, organized projects shelf teams to constructed overnight, successfully completed the task of roof pouring in Potiskum DG Highway project in Yobe state. 

The Solar Park Project is the first electrical engineering project undertaken by CRCC 18th Bureau Group in Dubai market. After the outbreak of the epidemic in the United Arab Emirates, the project formulated relevant measures to ensure that all work is not chaotic, and the construction of the project is advancing smoothly. During the Spring Festival, all Chinese staff and workers of the project gave up their vacation and stuck to the line of construction production ." The project department decided not to have a holiday before the Spring Festival. Most of the managers and operators were at the construction site. The construction production was not affected by the epidemic, and the production progress was carried forward according to the plan ," said Song Jiali, project manager.

In Guinea, the Dasheng Railway Project is the first project for CRCC to enter the West African market, has won high praise from the owners in the shortest time since it was officially launched in April 2019. Recently, the Dasheng railway project ushered in the observation groups, which composed of CRCC 14th Bureau Group, China Railway First Survey and Design Institute and other units, more than ten senior managers, technical personnel gave full recognition to the rapid and efficient progress of the project.

In addition, the demolition project of Madagascar Stadium, constructed by CRCC 18th Bureau Group, was put into full construction and production on the third day of the first month. The overall acceptance progress of the 104 km highway project in Uganda has exceeded 90%, and the project of the Saudi Jizan Amé Emergency Response Center has passed the preliminary acceptance check. So far, all the overseas projects constructed by CRCC 18th Bureau Group is steadily advancing.

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