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"Angel team" Help Overseas Epidemic Prevention
Date: 2020-05-19

Under the increasingly severe situation of the epidemic situation abroad, CRCCI invited 3 anti-epidemic experts in central hospital of CRCC17 to form "angel team ". Be stationed in Beijing headquarters, they guide the staff of overseas organizations to carry out epidemic prevention in an orderly manner. 

Hao Jiangtian, Qu Feng, Bai Xiaofang Make "Angel Team"

CRCCI operates in nearly 50 countries around the world, with more than 40 projects under construction. A number of key projects, represented by the Moscow Metro, the main stadium of the Lussel World Cup in Qatar and the Jinxin Railway of Malaysia, have attracted wide attention of the international community. Affected by the growing epidemic situation, the international agencies, projects and staff are also facing the pressure and risk of the epidemic. After receiving the invitation from CRCCI, Hao Jiangtian, Qu Feng and Bai Xiaofang were selected to form "Angel Team".

"Angel Team" Study and Revise Grid Epidemic Prevention Management Scheme for Overseas Units

"Angel Team" Study and Revise Grid Epidemic Prevention Management Scheme for Overseas Units

Head Nurse Bai Xiaofang recorded a video on the prevention of epidemic diseases

Three doctors took up the task by giving up their Labor Day holiday, conducted distance-coaching training, and studied online working methods. Since entering CRCCI On 8 May, they started work immediately. setted up a WeChat group with overseas companies and key projects, conducted overseas epidemic investigation, analyzed the situation of prevention and control in different markets of various countries, combined with their own experience in combating epidemic diseases, and formulated a detailed overseas epidemic prevention and control guidance plan, carefully inspected the prevention and control plans and emergency plans of various units. Overseas personnel have given "angel team" praise, said the guidance of experts, solved many problems, improved the confidence of everyone to overcome the epidemic.

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