CRCC Wins USD2.6 bln Railway Contracts in Libya

DATE:2008-02-24 AUTHOR: SOURCE:Xinhua News

February 18, 2008
Beijing (Xinhua News Agency,Reporter: Qi Zhong-xi)-- China Railway Construction Corp Ltd (CRCC) has won contracts to build two major railways worth about 3.2 billion dinars (USD2.6 bln ) in Libya, involving a coastal railway (2.2 bln dinars) and a south-north railway (1.0 dinars), CRCC sources told the reporters on Feb. 17, 2008.
The 352km-long coastal railway (from Khums to Sirt), as an important part of Pan-Africa railway network, is a trunk line running through Libya from west to east. It will take four years to complete and will mainly serve freight and passenger transportation between Khums and Sirt. The 800km-long south-to-north railway (from Sebha to Misurata), which will take three years to complete, will link the southern city Sebha and northern costal city Misurata to facilitate transportation of iron ore and passengers. CRCC said.
Both railways are initially set to begin in June this year. It is said that the construction of the two railways will put an end to the history that there has been no trunk railway within Libya borders.