CRCC Holds Lead in Design

DATE:2008-02-24 AUTHOR: SOURCE:本站原创
February --, 2008
Beijing (CRCC, Reporter: )--With advanced design concepts and mature technologies, China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) takes an undisputed leading role in the design of passenger railways, or the passenger-dedicated lines (PDL ), in China. CRCC designed 12 of the 17 PDLs presently under construction, taking a share of 60% of the total design work. CRCC’s design institutes ranked among the best ones of the Top 60 Chinese Contractors and Top 60 Chinese Design Firms announced on December 6, 2007.
Among the four major design institutes previously attached to the Ministry of Railways, only the Third Design Institute has remained in MOR while the other three have all been integrated into CRCC together with some other strong institutes such as the Fifth Railway Design Institute and Shaihai Rail Design Institutes, making CRCC a strongest design firm in China.
As a pilot in survey and design for infrastructure construction and a leading enterprise in the market of survey, design and consultancy, CRCC has provided support for MOR in the design of various railway standards presently used in China. CRCC design technologies in many fields have reached leading levels in China and advanced levels in the world, such as in the design of railways for mountainous area, plateau frozen area and desert area, electric railway, passenger-dedicated railway line, underwater structure, extra-long tunnel, wireless train dispatch and control system, and large interchange bridges, etc. From 1982 till now, projects design by CRCC have been granted over 60 certificates for “Four Excellences in Survey and Design” at State level and over 370 at provincial level, among which many have won important National Quality Awards. CRCC survey and design business covers all areas of China and have expended overseas to many countries and regions. According to ENR 2007 Rankings by 2006 Revenue, CRCC ranks the 69th among the Top 150 Global Design Firms.
In the construction of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway that attracted worldwide attention, based on the guiding ideology of challenging extremes through technical innovations, CRCC made breakthroughs in the solution of three tough problems-frozen earth, insufficient oxygen and fragile ecology, and successfully completed the designing work of the whole line according to the requirements for building a first-rate plateau railway in the world, displaying the superb levels and abilities of CRCC designers.
CRCC has been engaged in PDL design and research work since 1990s and has been strengthening its efforts to tackle related key technical problems based on its rich engineering experience. CRCC has made its contributions in the establishment of the standard system and design technologies for China’s railway construction, which has created technical conditions for the realization of the Mid-term and Long-term Railway Network Scheme and for the construction of high-standard railways, and thus has promoted the development of high-speed railways in China.
CRCC also owns first-rate designing capacities for tunnels in China. Many important and complicated tunnel projects are designed by CRCC, such as Wuqiaoling Tunnel, which is the longest tunnel at present in China, Qinling Tunnel, which is the longest tunnel constructed by TBM in China, Qinling Zhongnanshan Tunnel, which is the longest highway tunnel in China, Fenghuoshan Tunnel, which has the highest elevation in China, Wuhan Yangtze River Tunnel, which is the first cross-river tunnel in China and Nanjing Yangtze River Tunnel, etc.
At this moment, CRCC design institutes are taking part in more than 100 important research projects on PDL technologies and have made important breakthroughs in some key technologies including ballastless track, seamless rail, elevated station, bridge dynamic response, subgrade settlement, automatic control of train operation, traction power supply, comprehensive maintenance, EMU depot, Envi