Safe Run-through of First Gas Tunnel of Mengxi- Huazhong Railway

DATE:2017-07-21 AUTHOR:Shi Huaxing SOURCE:Original of this website

On July 18, with efforts for 656 days, Shuanglin Tunnel, the first gas tunnel of Mengxi- Huazhong Railway constructed by China Railway 24th Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Nanchang Branch was safely run through.

The overall length of Mengxi- Huazhong Railway is 1,837km, which has 232 tunnels in total, including 3 gas tunnels. Shuanglin Tunnel is located in Fenyi County, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province, which is a railway tunnel with single tunnel and track. Although its overall length is only 851m, it has developed karst and rich underground water due to poor geological conditions. The type IV and V surrounding rocks account for 58% and 32% of the overall length of the tunnel trunk respectively. The tunnel passes through the coal measure strata and second level gas section, whose comprehensive risk assessment ranking is V, and thus it is a tunnel with high risk ranking.

With efforts of all staff participating in the construction, Shuanglin Tunnel was safely run through three months in advance, which lays a good foundation for construction of Mengxi- Huazhong Railway.