We Got Married-CRCC Holds Overseas Group Wedding

DATE:2017-07-26 AUTHOR: SOURCE:Xinhuanet.com

(Xinhuanet.com-Beijing-July 24) Xiao Xuewang from Shandong and Wang Jiao from Liaoning get married after a relationship of more than two years. However, the wedding is held in neither province but Algeria oceans apart from their motherland.

On July 21, CRCC Algeria holds a grand, joyful group wedding ceremony at its headquarters. Besides, Xiao Xuewang and Wang Jiang, there are other 8 newly-wedded couples from projects departments of CRCC Algeria. Those couples have come to know each other, fallen in love and finally got married in CRCC Algeria.

“It is the first overseas group wedding ceremony held by CRCC”, said Bai Jing, vice president of CRCC Union and director of Female Employee Committee. In recent years, trade unions of CRCC have been providing platforms and chances for youth employees to socialize so as to help overseas youth employees with marriage difficulties.

“It is a wedding ceremony we would never forget”, said Fan Zhiyi and Jia Wanzhen from International Group, “together with us, the local employees have experienced the warmth of CRCC family, and realized that we are not only bridge and road builders but cultural communicators striving to interpret, implement and promote the family culture and corporate culture of China.