Chairman Meng Fengchao talks with Congo-Brazzaville government delegation led by BOUYA

DATE:2017-08-09 AUTHOR:Wang Ying, Chen Cong, Yang Lei SOURCE: China Railway Construction News

It’s always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar. On the afternoon of August 1, Congo-Brazzaville government delegation led by BOUYA, minister of Territorial Management and Major Engineering, visited CRCC. Meng Fengchao, Chairman of CRCC and Secretary of Party Committee conducted friendly exchanges with the party of BOUYA regarding further deepening the cooperation in the field of infrastructure construction and reached a consensus.  

Gagonong, Congo-Brazzaville’s finance minister, Mokoki, Congo-Brazzaville’s transportation minister, Owasa, Congo-Brazzaville’s ambassador to China and Wang Wenzhong, Vice-President of CRCC attended the talks.

At the meeting, CCECC and CRCC (International) Limited conducted exchanges on specific cooperation projects. 

The leaders of Overseas Department of CRCC, CCECC and CRCC (International) Limited attended the talks.