Mr. XIA Guobin


Name: Mr. XIA Guobin

Position: Vice President

Mr. XIA Guobin, a vice president of the Company. He concurrently serves as the standing committee member of the Communist Party Committee of CRCCG. Mr. XIA joined the CRCCG Group in 1975. He served as the deputy chief engineer and then chief engineer of the 13th Engineering Bureau of the Ministry of Railways (the predecessor of China Railway 13th Bureau Group Co., Ltd.) from April 1996 to December 1999, the chief engineer of 13th Engineering Bureau of China Railway from December 1999 to April 2001, the deputy general manager and chief engineer of CRCCG from April 2001 to November 2007. He served as the vice president and chief engineer of the Company from November 2007. Mr. XIA no longer served as the chief engineer of the Company since October 2009. Mr. XIA graduated from Railway Guard Engineering Institute majoring in bridge engineering and obtained his bachelor’s degree in engineering. Mr. XIA is a professor-level senior engineer and enjoys special government allowance granted by the State Council.