China Railway 20th Bureau Group Delivers the Angola Benguela Railway Project


At 15:00, July 27 local time, representatives from National Railway Administration of Angola, Railway Administration of Benguela and China Railway 20th Bureau Group signs the agreement of delivery in border city Luao. The Benguela railway-the longest railway Chinese enterprises have constructed overseas within this century-is delivered and put into use.

The railway delivery was started from June 20, and fully completed after one month and seven days. José Carlos, president of Railway Administration of Benguela, says on the delivery ceremony that they would be witnessing the railway development together with China Railway 20th Bureau Group in the future.

The Benguela railway starts from Lobito, a coastal city by the Atlantic Ocean, runs eastwards through key cities including Benguela, Huambo, Kuito, and Luena, and leads to city Luao on the border between Angola and Congo. With a total length of 1344 kilometers, this project fully designed and constructed by China Railway 20th Bureau Group is an investment of 1.83 billion USD.

As the longest railway, fastest speed and largest scale in Angola history, this modern railway project of Angola was commenced in 2007, finished on August 13, 2014, and trial-run on February 14, 2015. Presidents of Angola, Zambia and Congo attended the opening ceremony for the railway.

The construction standards of CRCC were complied with form designing to constructing. Construction materials such as steel rails and cement, part of communicational and mechanical equipment were purchased from China. Trains and vehicles were provided by Chinese enterprises after the railway was put into use. Ten years of Benguela railway construction has brought an import and export volume larger than three billion USD. About 100 thousand local employees took part in the construction. More than ten thousand workers had passed technical examinations and become special technicians for welding, mechanical operation, telecommunication, etc.

Benguela railway would be connected with railway networks of bordering countries such as Zambia, Congo and Mozambique, to construct a grand network between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean.