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The Mirado Copper Mine Project in Ecuador Visit Poor Children
Date: 2019-01-17

December 22, local time, the 19th Bureau Mirado copper project in Ecuador paid a visit to Quimi village of poor children, to send them Christmas gifts.

Under the arrangement of the project’s trade union, a group of six people came to the school on foot to distribute stationery, candy, toys and other items to the children, which were warmly welcomed by children and parents.

It is reported that the Quimi village is 3 kilometers from the project, the region belongs to the local poor areas, residents rely on agriculture, farming, living standards are low. The village school has more than 30 students.

Since the project began, it has been concerned about the children of foreign workers and local poor children. The project goes to condolences on International Children's Day every year. At the scene, Li Yanong, secretary of the CPC Committee of the Project, said: "from the project, we brought gifts such as learning stationery, toys, children's food, and so on, to visit children from poor families here. I hope they can have a happy holiday. Christmas is traditional western holiday, we organized this donation to deepen the friendship with the people of the country of residence, and create a bright future together. "

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