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China's First Export of Shield Machine to Sri Lanka
Date: 2019-02-02

China's first shield machine exported to Sri Lanka passed acceptance

The red cutters roared as they turned, and from time to time they spewed out white soil improvement foams. On February 1st, our country's first independent brand shield machine exported to Sri Lanka passed the acceptance inspection at Changsha China Railway Construction heavy Industry Group. To be shipped to Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka, after the Spring Festival.

The equipment is only 3.7 meters in diameter, compared with six or seven meters in diameter, or even a dozen meters of shield machine, is a "small one", and it will participate in Sri Lanka's new Mattuwa and Torrington drainage project construction.

Small but complete. Cutter head, shield, rear support, 120 meters long fuselage set mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and other systems in one. "the equipment has many functions, such as excavation, support and slag extraction, and is no different from large diameter shield machines in terms of performance and construction efficiency." Zhang Ruilin, project manager and director designer said, this is a domestically-made earth pressure balance shield machine with the smallest diameter at present. The main components should be customized to meet the layout of narrow space.

Sri Lanka is an island country in the Indian Ocean and an important hub of the Maritime Silk Road. In the middle of the island are towering peaks and lowlands in the surrounding coastal areas. During the rainy season Rain Water poured down the hillsides, causing coastal residents to suffer from flooding. In order to solve the problem that the old drainage network could not meet the problem of flood discharge, the Sri Lankan government built the New Mattuwa and Torrington drainage works through international bidding.

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