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The Reconstruction Project of the 120 National Highway in Angola Completed in Advance
Date: 2019-03-12

Cut the ribbon for the completion of the project

On March 8, local time, the third bid section of the 120 national highway, which was contracted by the Angolan company of China Railway Construction International Group, was completed and the completion ceremony was held.

The 120 national highway, located in Angola's southern province of Kwanza, is 250.78 kilometers long. The third section of the project, with a total cost of US $44.2 million and a total length of 52.18 km, is the main traffic trunk of the national highway network between Luanda, Angola, and Huambo, the second largest city. With the completion of the project, the traffic time between Luanda and Huambo has been shortened by four hours, logistics costs have been saved, local people's travel has been facilitated, and the economic development along and around the area has been driven by the completion of the project.

During the construction process, the project employed nearly 300 local staff, through technical training, for the local infrastructure talents, has won praise from all walks of life in Angola.

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