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Algerian Tlemcen Connection Line Completed the Construction of Asphalt Pavement
Date: 2019-03-27

Algerian Tlemcen connection Line

On March 5th, local time, Algeria Tlemcen connection line project PK2 bridge asphalt pavement paving officially ended. This marks the completion of the project's one hundred and twenty thousand tons of asphalt.

The design of the asphalt pavement of the Tlemcon connection line project continues the high standards of the previous three projects, all of which adopt the European codes and are designed as four high modulus asphalt concrete pavements(10cm EME+9cm EME+5cm BBME+3.5cm BBMA) with a total thickness of 27.5cm. It is the origination design of China Railway International Group Algeria Company, in accordance with European norms and in line with Algerian realities. The first application of the technology in the East-West high-speed project has been successful and has been highly recognized by the industry. At present, this technology has been popularized in the Algerian highway engineering community.

It is expected that the bridge guardrail, signage installation and marking construction will be completed by the end of March.

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