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Overall handover of 4,000 social housing units in Namibe, Angola
Date: 2019-07-23

A total of 1,430 housing units and supporting municipal works of the Namibe RED project in Angola, constructed by the  Construction Company of China Railway 14th Bureau Group Co. Ltd, have been handed over successfully. Together with the 2,570 previously handed over housing units, the project has been handed over as a whole and will help nearly 12,000 local people realize their housing dreams.

The Namibe RED project is part of the Government of Angola's million social housing unit program, including two plots of Playa and Abilo, totaling 4,000 social housing units, eight public works, two sub-section posts, 33.8 kilometers of roads and supporting municipal facilities, with a total floor area of 458,500 square meters.

During the construction, Chinese and Angolan employees of China Railway 14th Bureau overcame the difficulties of tropical desert sandstorm, shortage of freshwater resources and underground rocks, and achieved the goals of excellent quality, rapid progress, safety management "zero accident" and 100% one-time acceptance pass rate. As a result, the project becomes the earliest benchmark project in RED project completion.

Since its construction commencement, the project has received widespread attention from Angolan government organizations at all levels and the mainstream media. President of Namibe Joan Lorenzo personally participated in the transfer ceremony for the first batch of land and praised the Namibe New Town as a "pearl in the desert" and a witness of the great friendship between China and Angola. Since entering the Angolan market in 2008, China Railway 14th Bureau has built 1.137 million square meters of housing projects, creating a large number of high-quality projects for the benefit of local people, of which the Confucius Institute has become a landmark building in Luanda because of its unique oriental architectural style.

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