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Terminal Building of Dara Sakor International Airport Capped
Date: 2020-04-26

Terminal Building of Cambodia Dara Sakor International Airport, which has been capped

On April 20th, the terminal of Cambodia's Dara Sakor International Airport, built by CRCC11, was capped ahead of schedule, laying a solid foundation for navigation at the end of this year.

Dara Sakor international airport is located in Koah Kong province of cambodia, of which CRCC 11th Bureau Group are responsible for the construction tasks, including terminal complex, fire rescue station, power center, special car shed, security inspection road entrance, oil depot business complex, oil truck and loading shed, sewage treatment station, refuse transfer station and other ancillary works. The airport is cambodia's fourth international airport, level 4E (to be upgraded 4F in the future), can take off and land Airbus A340、A350, Boeing777, 787 and other large long-range wide-body aircraft. The total length of the building is 120.8 meters and width is 52.5 meters, the height is 37.5 meters, the whole building structure is reinforced concrete long span frame structure.

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