Successful Construction of Heavy Haul railway with Concrete Pushing Beam for the First Time in China

DATE:2017-07-30 AUTHOR:Liu Yueshi, Wang Guansheng & Huang Wei SOURCE:Original of this website

At 1:58 on July 21, the construction of Mengxi- Huazhong Railway constructed by China Railway 14th Bureau Group Co., Ltd. achieved great breakthrough. This Railway stretches over the grand bridge of Hankou-Yichang High Speed Rail, whose pushing beam is successfully pushed in place. This is the first time for China to use the concrete pushing beam process during construction of the heavy haul railway, which successfully stretches over the operation line of the high speed rail, filling in the technological gap of the railway and bridge construction. 


The on-site operators always closely watch the pushing process to prevent beam deviation.


Technicians are “correcting the deviation” to ensure that the beam goes according to the set route.