The Longest Highway Tunnel under Construction in Chongqing Tunneling 3,000 meters

DATE:2017-07-05 AUTHOR: SOURCE:crcc

Tunnel in Tiefeng Mountain extends for over 9.2 km and is expected to be opened in May 2019. 

Tunnel entrance of “the longest tunnel of Chongqing” of Wanzhou-Kaizhou expressway deep in the mountains

Construction site of “longest municipal tunnel” of Wanzhou-Kaizhou expressway and the worker is drilling shot hole on the tunnel face.

Affected by percolation, workers on inclined shaft site have to conduct field operation standing in the water.

Large machinery on construction site accelerates the project.

Busy construction site of the “longest municipal tunnel” of Wanzhou-Kaizhou expressway

As a crucial project of Chongqing jointly undertaken by China Railway 11th Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and China Railway 25th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Tiefeng Mountain Tunnel of Wanzhou-Kaizhou Zhoujiaba to Puli expressway has conducted safe production for 549 days since its entering in December 2015 and tunneled 3,000 meters, which laid a solid foundation for its opening in May 2019. With more than 9.2 km in length, the Tiefeng Mountain Tunnel is the longest highway tunnel under construction in Chongqing.

Located in Tiancheng Town, Wanzhou District, investments in the project total RMB 1.3 billion with 48 months’ construction period, the full length of the left and right tunnel of Tiefeng Mountain Tunnel being 9,228 m and 9,215 m respectively.