Meng Fengzhao and Outside Directors Pays a Visit to Caribbean Company of CRCC International for Investigation

DATE:2017-07-14 AUTHOR:Liu Xiaobao SOURCE:China Railway Construction

Meng Fengzhao made an official visit to Kelvin · Charles (the fifth from right), chief executive of Parliament of Tobago (shot by Li Weishan)

From July 2 to July 4, Meng Fengzhao, president and secretary of the party committee of China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (“CRCC”), Ge Fuxing, non-executive director, Wang Huacheng, Xin Dinghua and Cheng Wen, independent non-executive directors, paid a visit to Caribbean Company of China Railway Construction Corporation (International) Limited (“CRCC International”) for investigation.

Meng Fengzhao pointed out, improvement of foreign trade is the only way for the development of CRCC. CRCC International and China Civil Engineering Group should continually stick to the operation model of branding of traditional market, scale-up of emerging market, high-end oriented leading market, and localization of overseas market to further expand and enhance the overseas market of CRCC.

Yu Xingxi, Secretary of Board of CRCC and principals of Secretariat of Board, Overseas Department and CRCC International accompanied them during the investigation.